NoPBX launches integrated switchboard call-back

NoPBX, South Africa’s own locally-developed hosted cellphone PBX solution, has seen  significant growth in stability and features over the past year.  Now they have just announced the launch of an integrated call-back feature on the NoPBX platform.


The new NoPBX call-back feature allows all registered NoPBX users to receive an automated call-back to their cellphones, simply by dialing the company number.  The call-back then instantly connects them to the company reception, or to any other pre-defined phone or ring group on the companys NoPBX system.


The beauty of this technology is that users with entry-level cellphones (which are not able to run the NoPBX smartphone app) can now also be connected to the company phone system simply by their phone number, and without installing any software at all.  In addition, it is free of charge for a cellphone to trigger and receive call-backs from a NoPBX system.


Traditionally, PBX call-back has been complicated to set up on PBXs.  In contrast, the NoPBX call-back service is available to all NoPBX customers at no extra cost, with the simple click of a button on the NoPBX management portal.  Companies can also decide which of their phone numbers are allowed to provide call-back, on a per-number basis.


Another historical issue with PBX call-back services is accountability – but with NoPBX call reporting and charging is automatically allocated to the correct user who initiated the call-back, instead of being billed to the reception line or being “lost in the wash”.


NoPBX was launched in South Africa at the end of 2020 and has found particular favour since then amongst small and medium-sized businesses – the “SME” market.  NoPBX now boasts clients across all industries, from agriculture and technology to hospitality, events, doctors and lawyers.  The new call-back feature will undoubtedly bring in a new category of customers, such as freight and courier companies and remote teams, whose staff need to connect back to the office from anywhere in the country.


NoPBX is fundamentally different to existing hosted business phone solutions because it runs entirely on cellphones (instead of using “VoIP” or “SIP” phones), and uses actual GSM cellphone voice calls to connect you to your destination.  The rationale for this technology is twofold: to provide exceptional call quality at all times even when you have a bad or no data signal, and to give a service that does not use airtime or data from the users’ SIM cards in order to carry its calls.


NoPBX customers are able to “start small” by connecting just a handful of users to test in parallel with their existing phone system, and can then bring the full organization on board once they are happy with the features and particularly the call quality.  Adding peace of mind, there are no contracts involved, so downscaling or stopping the service can also be done instantly and without any costs.


NoPBX was built from the ground up and is brand-new home-grown technology, and it is a living “work in progress” – new features and enhancements are being added and rolled out constantly.  Because NoPBX is a cloud hosted service, all customers automatically will get access to and benefit from new features as they launch, with no need to upgrade or replace anything.