NoPBX is arevolutionarynewcloud hostedPBX-over-GSMsystem

that has done away with all the complexities and costs of traditional and even VoIP business PBX systems.

With NoPBX there are:

No Physical Phone Lines Needed

Phone lines, whether POTS (plain old telephone system) or VoIP, are expensive, need installation and management, and are prone to failure.  However because NoPBX uses GSM trunks between your PBX and your users, you are freed from all of this expense and hassle.  GSM lines need no installation or management, and have built in redundancy,…

No Wires Needed

Unlike traditional wired and even VoIP systems, NoPBX used GSM as the “last mile”, because your cellphone is your extension.  This means less cost and less maintenance for you, as well as automatic mobility because your cellphone is always with you.

No Data Infrastructure Costs or Requirements

VoIP systems run over data.  Which is expensive, and costly to maintain.  NoPBX runs over GSM, so you are spared all the standard expense of connectivity, routers, firewalls, and the sharing and management of this.  Which means less to go wrong, as well as less (in fact no) total cost of running you system.

No Backup Power Supplies Needed

NoPBX is loadshedding-proof!  Our cloud hosted switches are covered for power and other failures, users’ cellphones run off their own batteries, and if we supply desk phones, these also have their own internal battery backup.  So your NoPBX users can keep on doing business wherever, whenever.

No Exorbitant Mobility Charges

To be mobile, in other words to get your calls forwarded to your cellphone, usually costs an arm and a leg with traditional and even VoIP PBX systems.  With NoPBX you get automatic mobility at no extra charge as your cellphone is your extension!

No Dedicated Phones Needed

NoPBX runs entirely on GSM, using your existing Android smartphones through the NoPBX app.  So there is no need to buy any expensive VoIP handsets.  However if you really want dedicated handsets we can supply these – but with a difference – they are GSM, and therefore need no wiring and have automatic battery backup…

No On-Site Installations Needed

NoPBX does not need any hardware therefore there is no costly installation needed on your premises.  Your smartphone users simply need to download and install the NoPBX app on their smartphones.  If you order desk phones to complement your system, these will be pre-installed and all you need to do when they are delivered is…

No Site Maintenance Visits Needed

As with installation, there is also no need for any site maintenance on your NoPBX system, not even to maintain IP routers, firewalls, etc – as you need with a VoIP system.  None of this exists with NoPBX, further eliminating any areas where things can go wrong.

No Technicians Needed

Because NoPBX needs no site installation and no physical maintenance or troubleshooting, you need no (highly trained and expensive) technicians visiting you from your PBX provider.  If we ever do visit you, it will probably be a courtesy call to see how you are enjoying using our unique system!

No App Usernames and Passwords Needed

(This is a big one.)  The NoPBX user app does not make use of a username/password combination to authenticate itself.  Instead, the app auto-authenticates itself using the user’s confirmed GSM cellphone number.  This pretty much locks down the app from a fraud point of view, giving you total peace of mind.  It also means your…

No Contracts Needed

NoPBX is a no-contract service.  Instead of locking you into long PBX contract periods, your service with us runs month to month, and is not restricted to buying whole batches of user licenses either.  You can add or remove users at will, and you will only be charged for the time we are of service…

No Maintenance Agreements or SLAs Needed

Because we have eliminated all the complexities, in particular the physical requirements, of a standard on-site, cloud or even VoIP PBX, we have eliminated the need for the maintenance of these elements.  This translates to an enormous saving for our clients in terms of total cost of ownership of the service.  And therefore, you do…

No Interbranch Connections Needed

With NoPBX, your branches can be automatically in contact with each other, with no need for any connectivity between them like tie-lines, fibre links etc.  There are two ways to implement this according to your business and cost centre structure requirements: either all branches can be on a single NoPBX with one directory structure, or…

No Charges for Support

If something is unclear or wrong, we want to help you, not charge you.

No Jitter Issues

Jitter is what happens when your voice over data connection is weak or poorly configured, and the sound literally “falls to pieces”.  With NoPBX there is no jitter, ever, because we use real GSM calls, not Voice over Data.

No Vibe Licenses Needed

Vibe is a data connection management technology developed to try to “fix” VoIP quality issues. Many VoIP based PBX systems strongly advise you to also buy expensive monthly Vibe licenses, in order to make their systems work properly. With NoPBX your calls are carried over GSM, and so you don’t need to spend anything more…