How long will it take to install?

Our competition say:

Anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the complexity of the system provided, lead time to source hardware, new cabling needed etc.

We say:

NO INSTALLATION NEEDED!  As soon as you have created your NoPBX online, it is immediately active and working.  (When we say real time, we mean now, not “just now”!)

Can I port my existing number to NoPBX?

Absolutely! Just select to do this as part of your sign on procedure, or contact our support team thereafter.

Your new NoPBX gets created with an 087 inbound number as standard as well, so you can get up and running immediately and test NoPBX when you sign on (before you commit to porting your existing number).

What is the contract period?

Our competition (mostly) say you need to sign up for lengthy and onerous service contracts.

We say:

NoPBX has … NO CONTRACTS! It is a month to month service, and you can terminate at any time. AND, you can also increase or decrease your users or your service profile any time you want to. We want you to stay because you are happy with our service, not because you are stuck in a contract!

Can I “white label” the NoPBX smartphone for my company?

Yes, white labelling the NoPBX app with your company logo can be done as an optional extra subscription.

Why is all NoPBX support free?

Our competition:

Typically give you some support for free, but dedicated support contracts and SLAs can really sting you in the wallet!

We say:

Really? How can someone expect you, the customer, to pay them because there is a problem with their system, or it is too difficult to use or understand?! At NoPBX we believe that our system should be REALLY easy to use and understand, and if this is not the case, it is up to us to sort it out and make it better. If you ask us to help, we are here to do just that - help - not to use it as a chance to take your money!




What hardware do I need?

Our competition say:

Since the PABX system itself is hosted at a data center, the only primary items of hardware required for the solution to function are IP handsets. If you require additional network equipment, this can be provided for at an additional cost.

We say:

NoPBX needs … NO HARDWARE! The user extension is a native app on your Android smartphone. So as long as each user has an existing Android smartphone (OS version 8.0 and above), or an iOS smartphone (OS version 11 and above), that is all you need!

However, if you still want dedicated desk telephones for your reception, meeting rooms or for non-Android users, we can supply these for you – they use GSM and Android technology, of course, which means … NO WIRES AND NO BACKUP POWER SOURCE needed for them!

What about hardware compatibility?

NoPBX is not a VoIP service, and does not use VoIP hardware. Therefore, we eliminate VoIP hardware compatibility issues, a huge issue with current cloud PBX systems, from the word go. So long as your mobile handset can make and receive GSM calls, NoPBX will work. Out the box (oh wait – there are no boxes needed). Every time. No problem.

What broadband speed do I need?

Our competition say:

The faster the better.

We say:

NoPBX needs … NO BROADBAND! Our system runs over your existing smartphone using GSM not VoIP.

How much bandwidth do I need to make a call?

Our competition say:

Around 31.2kbps (G.729).

We say:

NO BANDWIDTH! Our system runs over your existing smartphone using GSM not VoIP.

How much data does it use?

Our competition say:

Around 1Mb per minute – about the same as a Whatsapp call.

We say:

NoPBX uses … NO DATA to make calls! Our system runs over your existing smartphone using GSM not VoIP (and therefore not data) to make calls.

What connectivity do I need?

Our competition say:

There are various forms of connectivity available to businesses in South Africa. Depending on the number of extensions you require, (we) will advise you on which connectivity solutions is best for you, these include; LTE, Fibre and Wireless/Microwave.
It is always recommended to have a line dedicated for Voice Connectivity unless the Provider can guarantee optimal voice quality on a shared line.

We say:

NoPBX needs … NO CONNECTIVITY! Our system runs over your existing smartphone, or over the NoPBX desk phones we provide. Connectivity is all included as part of our service … whereas with our competition, you need to provide it, AND pay for it …

How do I know if my internet connection is good enough?

Our competition say:

Simple. Try us! You can register for free ...
It is always recommended to have a line dedicated for Voice Connectivity unless the Provider can guarantee optimal voice quality on a shared line.

We say:

Don’t worry about it, because NoPBX needs … NO INTERNET CONNECTION!


What is the delivery fee if I order NoPBX desk phones?

R 245, countrywide

What is the warranty and returns policy on NoPBX desk phones?

Returns: Phones may be returned for a credit within 5 working days, provided they are undamaged and in their original packaging. (The cost of the return or courier will be for the customer’s account.)

Warranty: 12 months manufacturer’s warranty, obvious physical abuse excluded.


Can NoPBX call anywhere?

Yes, you can call anywhere in the world you would normally be able to call – behind the sexy mobile phone apps is a regular full telecoms service.  (Your admin does need to enable International calls on your user account first).

What is the call quality like?

Our competition say:

The call quality depends on who you are calling and what your network connection is like between you and our servers in South Africa.

We say:

The call quality is the same as your cellphone, no more and no less. This is because we use GSM for our calls, not VoIP – and GSM is a first-tier, guaranteed quality call protocol!

Can NoPBX connect multiple sites at once?

Absolutely! We use unique distributed architecture, so your NoPBX users on the same NoPBX are all automatically connected, regardless of where they are in the country, or in which office they are in (or if they are even in an office). And of course, there is … NO CHARGE … for this connectivity feature!

How many calls can my NoPBX make/receive at a time?

NoPBX has … NO LIMIT on your simultaneous calls! Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional physical phone lines. All your NoPBX users can be busy on a call at the same time – and if any more calls come in, they will then go to your voicemail, so you will never “lose a deal”.

What if there is a power outage?

Our competition say:

For traditional on-site PBX's, a power outage can interrupt communications until the power is restored. However as long as your network is connected to the internet, calls can be made and received through the Cloud PBX. (We) will supply you with a UPS for the network which serve as a backup for a couple of hours. Additionally, the UPS will regulate power output to network equipment preventing surges. It is also recommended to use PoE switches, this will ensure the entire network is powered during an outage.

We say:

NoPBX needs … NO BACKUP POWER! Your NoPBX runs entirely on your mobile phones, or on the NoPBX desk phones we supply, which have their own built in batteries that last several days on a charge. So, as long as you remember to charge your devices (remember, Always Be Charging), your NoPBX will function perfectly, regardless of whether your office power is on, off, tripped or loadshedding.


Can I restrict my users’ dial plans?

Yes, you have full control in real time, and you can set:

  • whether users are able to dial international numbers or not;
  • whether users are allowed to make and/or receive calls or not;
  • the times of day that users are able to make and/or receive calls; and
  • the monthly spend limit for each user.


What are the call rates?

On top of all the other savings, NoPBX calls rates are super cheap as well! You can check the rate to any country or any number right here

And because NoPBX is billed in real time, you will never get a bill shock at the end of the month like you do with traditional telco services. Instead, you know exactly what your spend is, all the time.

Why Pay-as-you-Go call charging?

Because Pay-as-you-Go is the cheapest way to buy telco services! You are not locked into any monthly contracts for huge amounts of minutes you may not use, just to get a low rate. With Pay-as-you-Go you get the lowest possible call rate, right upfront, with no commitments from your side, and no “breakage” (the amount you lose when you do not use all you have bought)!

How do I check my account balance?

You can see your exact account balance any time, in real time, at This applies to both prepaid and postpaid accounts. In addition, each user can view their own call limit balance on the home page of their NoPBX smartphone app.

Does my credit expire?

If you are on Prepaid billing, your unused, paid-for credit will expire if your entire account is completely dormant (no calls in or out) for a period of 12 months. This is a legal and accounting requirement, we absolutely do not want it to happen, so we will always let you know well in advance of credit expiring.

If you have a demo account with free credit that you have been gifted, this will expire after 3 months of account dormancy.

Are internal / interbranch calls “free”?

No, these are not. Because NoPBX is a GSM based service, and all calls are made over GSM and from GSM handsets and SIM cards, and there is no way to make these “free”. However, the claim of “free” internal and interbranch calls on other VoIP cloud PBX systems is a proper marketing red herring, if not disingenuous. This is because before you can make the “free” VoIP call, you need to install, manage and pay for the data lines over which it travels!

So, NoPBX actually ends up being cheaper regardless – although you pay for internal calls, you save way more in total by not having to install or pay for ANY data infrastructure at all!

What are my payment options?

At present the service is Prepaid, and clients can make payments to their accounts via Payfast, which accepts all major credit cards.

Can I get a Postpaid account?

Not at the moment, sorry.


Who are you and where can I find you?

We are a team of telecommunications enthusiasts, with over 50 years’ experience serving corporate telecommunications needs in South Africa. Our mission is to build something new, different, and game changing. Give us a call, we do exist!

Where are we? Everywhere and anywhere! We work in various different locations, as the need arises – we are all about the delivery. And because NoPBX is completely virtual, we can deliver to anywhere from anywhere.

And we “eat our own dogfood” – we do use a NoPBX to keep in touch with each other, of course!

Why is it called NoPBX?

It’s tongue in cheek really, a bit of fun poking at the unnecessary traditional VoIP and Cloud PBX market. In as much as you need no wires, no installation, no handsets, and so on for NoPBX, you can also think of it as standing for No Hassles, No Headaches, No Admin … because there’s no PBX like NoPBX!

In what countries is NoPBX available?

NoPBX is a proudly South African, proprietary, trademark and patent pending technology development, and as such South Africa is the first country it will go live in. Because it requires fast, reliable wholesale connections into local phone networks, it needs to be set up individually in each country. Here is a list of where we currently operate:

  • South Africa

If you want to partner with us to launch NoPBX in another country, please get in touch with us on the dealer page!

Can I become a NoPBX dealer?

Of course! You can apply to be a dealer here.

Can I resell NoPBX under “white label”?

Unfortunately not at this time.

Can I use NoPBX and Truecaller at the same time?

Unfortunately not at this time.