NoPBX Features

What makes NoPBX Different?

NoPBX uses GSM instead of VoIP

All NoPBX calls are made over GSM which gives you a trusted, managed, guaranteed network quality. VoIP calls use a best-effort technology, which is only as good as your data connection and how well it is managed and is particularly challenged when you are not connected to  WiFi.  In contrast, NoPBX calls your work perfectly no matter where you are, even way out in the countryside on a sketchy one-bar signal.

NoPBX call usage is not billed to the employee's SIM card

Calls made by your employees from their cellphones using the NoPBX app are reverse billed to the company account, so your employees will never have to be refunded, or have airtime or data available for company use.

(Caveat: like any app, the NoPBX app does use a little data, less than 2Mb per month, which is used for app-server communication purposes, not to make calls.)

NoPBX protects employee privacy

The NoPBX app uses the NoPBX company number(s) for outbound calls, which means even though your employees are using their own smartphones and SIM cards, their personal privacy is protected.  In addition, after hours calls can be sent straight to the company voicemail to further protect employees' personal time.

NoPBX promotes spend accountability and data sovereignty

Because the NoPBX app is smartphone based, your employees use the company account to make and receive business calls, and do not need to be given a “cellphone allowance” as well. This has several other benefits for the business owner too – you get sight of and records of all business calls made from employee cellphones, and you also own the numbers these calls are being made from, which can help retain ownership of the customer if your employee leaves.