Options to connect to your NoPBX

NoPBX is a cloud hosted service, so all the important nuts and bolts are in the cloud, managed and secured by us. All you will need to provide is your preferred handset for each user. There are three options for this:


Use Android Phones

Use iOS Phones

Use NoPBX Wireless Deskphones

Use Android phones

This is the most elegant and cheapest connection by far, ideal for anyone who is not tied to their desk 8 hours a day – in fact this is why we made NoPBX!  Simply download the NoPBX app to your Android phone, and you will have all the features of NoPBX right at your fingertips. The NoPBX system uses an elegant method of reverse billing all calls made to the company account, so the smartphone SIM card’s airtime and data are not used.  In addition, all business calls are made showing the company number, so your personal SIM card details remain private.

Current compatibility: Android OS version 8.0 and above.

Use iOS phones:

The NoPBX iOS app works slightly differently to the Android version, because of the strictness of the Apple operating system.  All PBX features are still available, with these subtle differences:

  1. Incoming business calls show your own PBX number not the caller’s number (caller ID), and
  2. Outbound business calls on the company account need to be “activated” after dialling (by answering an inbound call from the PBX) and
  3. Calls are transferred to other users by dialing the destination's extension (eg. #103) on your keypad while on the call.

Current compatibility: iOS 11 and above.

Use NoPBX wireless deskphones

If you need physical phones for some areas of your business, like Reception or Boardroom, we can supply these.

They are GSM phones with Android operating systems and come pre-loaded with the NoPBX phone client, with all its usual features.  Just switch them on and start calling!

You can download the latest phone brochure here.