What is NoPBX?

A revolutionary new, hosted PBX-over-GSM system that has done away with all the complexities and costs of traditional and even VoIP business PBX systems.

With NoPBX there are:

No Wires Needed

Unlike traditional wired and even VoIP systems, NoPBX used GSM as the “last mile”, because your cellphone is your extension. …

No Vibe Licenses Needed

Vibe is a data connection management technology developed to try to “fix” VoIP quality issues. Many VoIP based PBX systems…

No Technicians Needed

Because NoPBX needs no site installation and no physical maintenance or troubleshooting, you need no (highly trained and expensive) technicians…

No Site Maintenance Visits Needed

As with installation, there is also no need for any site maintenance on your NoPBX system, not even to maintain…

No Physical Phone Lines Needed

Phone lines, whether POTS (plain old telephone system) or VoIP, are expensive, need installation and management, and are prone to…

No On-Site Installations Needed

NoPBX does not need any hardware therefore there is no costly installation needed on your premises.  Your smartphone users simply…

No Maintenance Agreements or SLAs Needed

Because we have eliminated all the complexities, in particular the physical requirements, of a standard on-site, cloud or even VoIP…

No Jitter Issues

Jitter is what happens when your voice over data connection is weak or poorly configured, and the sound literally “falls…

No Interbranch Connections Needed

With NoPBX, your branches can be automatically in contact with each other, with no need for any connectivity between them…

No Exorbitant Mobility Charges

To be mobile, in other words to get your calls forwarded to your cellphone, usually costs an arm and a…

No Dedicated Phones Needed

NoPBX runs entirely on GSM, using your existing Android smartphones through the NoPBX app.  So there is no need to…

No Data Infrastructure Costs or Requirements

VoIP systems run over data.  Which is expensive, and costly to maintain.  NoPBX runs over GSM, so you are spared…

No Contracts Needed

NoPBX is a no-contract service.  Instead of locking you into long PBX contract periods, your service with us runs month…

No Charges for Support

If something is unclear or wrong, we want to help you, not charge you.

No Backup Power Supplies Needed

NoPBX is loadshedding-proof!  Our cloud hosted switches are covered for power and other failures, users’ cellphones run off their own…

No App Usernames and Passwords Needed

(This is a big one.)  The NoPBX user app does not make use of a username/password combination to authenticate itself. …

Just point your NoPBX to your cellphone numbers and start communicating, no problem!


What makes NoPBXdifferent?better?awesome?unique?

NoPBX runs entirely on your employees’ mobile phones, but unlike existing PBX systems…

  • NoPBX calls use GSM instead of VoIP

  • NoPBX call usage is not billed to the employee's SIM card

  • NoPBX protects employee privacy

  • NoPBX promotes spend accountability and data sovereignty


Options to connect to your NoPBX

NoPBX is a cloud hosted service, so all the important nuts and bolts are in the cloud, managed and secured by us. All you will need to provide is your preferred handset for each user. There are three options for this:

Phone Options 4-01

Use Android Phones

Use iOS Phones

Use NoPBX Wireless Deskphones


NoPBX is a real-time, prepaid service.  When you sign up, you will get R50 credit to make a few calls, after which you will need to charge your account via our online payment portal in order to continue using the service.  All monthly charges (lines, extensions and add-ons) are billed to your account in arrears (at the end of each month).

  • Maximum Users
  • Initial Set Up Cost
  • Installation
  • Port your Existing Phone Number to us
  • Contract Terms
  • Hosted PBX and First Phone Number
  • Per User/Extension
  • Additional Phone Numbers
  • SIM Card and Line Rental (only needed with NoPBX Wireless Desk Phones)
  • Own Custom Logo on App
  • Smartphone App (Android and iOS)
  • Music on Hold
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Call Transfer
  • Auto Attendant
  • Call forwarding
  • Maintenance
  • Online and Phone Support
  • User Call Spend Limits
  • To Standard South African Numbers
  • To Other Destinations
  • R65
    per extension per month
  • Unlimited
  • Free*
  • Not needed!*
  • Free*
  • Month to month
  • 90
  • 65
  • 20
  • 50
  • 10
  • Free*
  • Not Needed!*
  • Free*
  • R0.79/minute (per second billing)
  • Lookup Call Rates Below

*Our competition typically charge for these items!


Check the rate charged to any specific destination.

  • NoPBX is a real-time, prepaid service.

  • All calls are billed per second in pure per second billing with no connect fees, minimum charges, flagfall charges etc.

  • When you sign up, you will get R50 credit on us to make a few calls and check us out, after which you will need to charge your account via our online payment portal in order to continue using the service.

  • All monthly charges (lines, extensions and add-ons) are billed to your account in arrears (at the end of each month), and we send you a courtesy pending charge notification on the 25th of the month to let you know what monthly charges will need to be paid, and by when.

  • All monthly charges are billed pro-rata, so if you only use some services for part of the month, you will only be charged for that part of the month.

  • All prices shown exclude VAT. NoPBX is a registered VAT vendor.

How do I get a NoPBX?

You can do it yourself, right now, right here!

Our self-service sign-on process is really this simple:


Create your account with your business details


Choose your main phone number


Enter your users (just their cell numbers will do)

CLICK “Save” and you have a fully functional PBX!