Embrace the new normal … with telephony that works

The new year has arrived, and with it the “new normal”, foisted on business last year, has become entrenched. As a result, many of the temporary measures put in place by businesses last year will need to be replaced with more sustainable, permanent and better-quality solutions.

The key trend defining 2020, and which looks set to become a feature of 2021, is work from home, or WFH, which requires dedicated corporate-grade technology measures and solutions to be put in place. These are often shared with many members of the household, and your paid employees compete for resources with data-grabbing gaming, homework, kids’ Zoom playdate hook-ups, and so on.

In this context, many companies have tried connecting voice-over-IP phone extensions to employees’ homes, which often resulted in substandard call quality.There is no hardware required to run NoPBX, and you do not need to be connected to Wi-Fi – all you need is a GSM signal

Enter NoPBX, with its brand-new concept of PBX over GSM.

NoPBX is a revolutionary new switchboard technology introduced in South Africa last year. It is a fully cloud-hosted PBX service, that works entirely on your employees’ existing smartphones.

There is no hardware required to run NoPBX, and you do not need to be connected to Wi-Fi — all you need is a GSM signal.

This is because NoPBX uses GSM, not voice over data/IP to connect your employees to your customers.


This is a technological first, with two main advantages:

  • Call quality is always superb; and
  • Thanks to NoPBX’s proprietary seamless call-back technology, there is no cost charged to the employee’s Sim card when they make or receive calls using NoPBX.

In addition, there are enormous cost savings with NoPBX, as you save on the traditional “sunk infrastructure” costs of data lines, data connection management, and shaping, firewalls, routers and IP phone devices. None of these is necessary anymore, just your existing smartphones running the free NoPBX app.

Additionally, NoPBX works anywhere there is a GSM signal, and there are no forwarding charges to transfer calls between employees, no matter where they are in the country. Your employees are therefore always in touch when they need to be, and can be free to work from wherever they wish, not just from “home where the data line is”.

NoPBX is communications simplicity defined. Customers can set up their own PBX on the NoPBX website in minutes, and be operational and doing business immediately. Prospective customers can quickly create a test PBX with no obligation (NoPBX even gifts you demo credit with which to test), and can port their existing numbers over when they are happy with what they see. And as NoPBX is a prepaid service there are no contracts — you can stop using the service whenever you want, no questions asked.

Trabel makes several bold claims about NoPBX: that it is the simplest cloud hosted PBX in South Africa, is the easiest to set up, is the quickest to set up, is the easiest to manage and has the lowest total cost of ownership. As an instant solution for any small business starting up or wishing to contain costs and work remotely, it certainly ticks all of these boxes!

For more information, or to get your own NoPBX solution today, visit www.nopbx.co.za.

About Trabel
Trabel is a South African technology development company founded in 2019, based primarily in Cape Town and operational throughout South Africa. NoPBX is a full, hosted PBX-over-GSM solution, with Android and iOS connectivity. More information can be found at www.trabel.co.za and www.nopbx.co.za.